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Sports clubs at Lafayette are student-initiated and student-run organizations that depend on a membership. Members are fully involved in the club’s leadership, decision-making, and organization. Each club has been founded and is governed by the executive board of that particular club. Clubs which are listed as INACTIVE haven’t fulfilled the basic requirements to access their funds. Clubs which are listed as PROVISIONAL are in their first semester of existence and not yet fully functioning.

Club Sports Manual [PDF]  (last update: 00/12/2017)

Sport Club Officer Contact  Constitution
Baseball Luke Taylor ’21 Constitution
Basketball (M) Ryan Green ’21 Constitution
Basketball (W) Antonia Hatzipetros ’21 Constitution
Boxing Henry Morgan ’22 Constitution
 Dance Team   Kelly Mwaamba ’22 Constitution
Dance Company  Delainey Mack ’22
Crew Evan Savage ’21  Constitution
Equestrian  Amanda Fanning ’21  Constitution
Field Hockey Alexandra Hillenbrand ’23  Constitution
Golf Scott Fernandes ’22 Constitution
Ice Hockey (M) James Kiley ’22 Constitution
Ice Hockey (W) Renna Thomas ’21
Lacrosse (M) Nicholas Jones’22 Constitution
Lacrosse (W) Olivia Loccke ’22 Constitution
Outdoors Society Sebastian Wallach ’23 Constitution
Precision Step Grayce Walker ’22  Constitution 
Quidditch Richard Chowanec ’22 Constitution 
Rugby (M) Gunnar Simons ’22
Rugby (W) Nicole Segalini ’21 Constitution
Running Zev Granowitz ’21 Constitution
 Salsa   Emily Estrella ’21  Constitution
Ski & Snowboard Caroline Burns ’22  Constitution
 Soccer (M) Ryan Mangini ’22  Constitution 
 Soccer (W) Hannah Simandl ’23  Constitution 
Softball Christina Ruvo ’23
Squash Ric Donati ’22  Constitution
Tae Kwon Do Shreya Rudrapatna ’22  Constitution 
Tennis Andrew Schukraft ’22 Constitution 
Ultimate Frisbee Graham Wilson ’21 Constitution
Volleyball (W) Daniella Besecker ’21 Constitution
Volleyball (Co-Ed) Sarah Bender ’21 Constitution
Wrestling Will Duncan ’22 Constitution


Forms for Use by Sports Clubs

  • Sample Sports Club Constitution [doc]
    This is a sample constitution for sports clubs based on the suggested structure endorsed by Student Government.
  • Sample Coaches Agreement [doc]
    This form must be used for either a volunteer or a paid coach.
  • Incident Report Form [PDF]
    This form should be submitted to Recreation Services if an incident occurs during an event. If any medical assistance should be needed, this form is essential.
  • Approved Vendor List
    These vendors are already registered and committed to our trademark logos for your uniforms and other apparel.
  • Club Rosters & Event Schedules
    All students who are to be included as club members must “register” online at http://www.dosportseasy.com/lafayetteclubs/.  Sport Club officers should manage the club roster through this site.  The sports club officer responsible for scheduling must add the practices, competitions or performances through the “events” option on the same site. Only club officers can make submissions.
  • Fundraising Event Registration Form  [PDF]
    This form must be submitted to Recreation Services before a fundraiser can take place.
  • Sports Official Payment Form [PDF]
    This form must be completed and submitted to the office of Student Life Programs in order for the Sports Official to be paid
  • Officer Contact Updates
    New officers should update their own information online at http://www.dosportseasy.com/lafayetteclubs/ immediately to ensure they receive information about their requirements as a club.