Join OUR In-Person with a Virtual instructor groupFit ClassES

Virtual workouts combine world-leading fitness programs with great music and motivation from some of the best instructors available. The class will automatically begin to play at the designated class time on the big screen in Room 229.  Equipment needed for each class will be set up prior to your arrival

Classes start Sunday, February 14th

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Register via IMLeagues website or on the IMLeagues app. You will need to set up an account prior to using the app*Class Capacity is 6 -9people, depending on class type and interest*

All Classes are in Room 229. (Enter 2nd-floor by Room 227 using the atrium stairs)  Face Masks required  in all classes.

  • Cycle30 (30-40 min) 4:30PM
  • BARRE Fusion (25-35 min)  5:45PM
  • RIP Barbell Strength (50-55 min) 4:30PM
  • Cycle30 (30-40 min) 6:00PM
  • Cycle30 (30-40 min) 4:30PM
  • WAR Express (“Boxing)” (30-45 min) 5:45PM
  • Yoga (40-60 min) 7:00PM
  • RIP Barbell Strength (50-55 min) 4:30PM
  • Core & More (15-25 min) 6:00PM
  • Cycle60 (50-60 min) 3:15PM
  • RIP Barbell Strength Express (30-40 min) 5:00PM
  • Yoga Sport Fusion (30-40 min) 10:30AM
  • Yoga (40-60 min) 4:00PM

Class Descriptions

We know that staying healthy means staying active. If you are struggling with creativity for at-home fitness, you are in luck — we have options for you!


To support our community remotely, Recreation Services has compiled a list of links for “How to Exercise at Home” that includes a variety of streaming workouts, mostly fro free. Many of the workouts need no additional equipment or suggest items you can find at home.