Join An In-Person with “live” instructors or an In-person with  “Virtual” instructors groupFit ClassES
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Virtual Classes will automatically begin to play at the designated class time on the big screen in Room 229. 

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Register via IMLeagues website or on the IMLeagues app. You will need to set up an account prior to using the app.  

Additional virtual classes are available via an app anytime outside of scheduled class times for anyone to access when room 229 is unoccupied for other activities.  Classes include Group Groove®, Group Centergy®, Group Fight®, Group Core®, Group Ride®, and Group Blast®

Class Descriptions and Class Video Trailers

Face Masks required  in all classes.

Classes start Monday, January  31st
  • Yoga Tone 7:15-8:05AM (“LIVE”)
  • HIIT 4:45-5:30PM (“LIVE”)
  • Cycle 45 4:45-5:30PM (“LIVE”)
  • Zumba® 5:00-6:00PM (“LIVE”)
  • Cycle 30 12:15-12:45PM (“LIVE”) Canceled due to low attendance
  • Group Ride30® :4:30-5:00PM (IN-PERSON VIRTUAL)
  • Group Ride30® :5:15-5:45PM (IN-PERSON VIRTUAL) Canceled due to low attendance