Weinstein Natatorium includes a glistening six lane, 25 yard lap pool and a separate diving well with one-meter diving boards. Water temperatures are  maintained between 77-79 degrees. The facility also includes a spectator seating area,  gender specific locker rooms with saunas and an all-inclusive washroom accessible directly from the pool deck.  Questions? Check out our Recreational Swim Programs here or email: aquatics@lafayette.edu.

Recreational Swim

Join to use the swim facilities which include a six lane, 25 yard racing pool, a separate diving well, and locker rooms with saunas.

Learn To Swim Program

Various levels of swimming lessons for beginners to advanced are offered. Learn more here.

Safety Training

Includes Lifeguarding Review, Lifeguarding Certification, and Basic Water Rescue for participants.

Swim Testing

Swim tests may be administered by the down guard or Aquatics Coordinator for children under the age of 12, anyone who is unable to stand in the lap pool, weak swimmers, and for participants in Lafayette’s water-related sport clubs. To see the specific test for your activity, please click here.

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