Weinstein Natatorium includes a glistening six lane, 25 yard lap pool and a separate diving well. Water temperatures are  maintained between 77-79 degrees. The facility also includes a spectator seating area,  gender specific locker rooms and an all-inclusive washroom accessible directly from the pool deck.

Recreational Swim Program

Members of the local community may purchase a membership to use the swim facilities.  Three membership types are offered: Single, Couple (may include 1 adult with child) or Family and from one of three lengths: Full Year (runs from early June to early May), Half-Year (runs from early January to early May), or Summer (runs from early June to early August). We also offer less formal options such as, a 10-visit punch pass or a $5 per day drop-in fee. Lockers are available for yearly rental or for day use. Learn more about the options, fees and registration Find out when the pool is open:  Recreational Swim Hours

Aquatics School

Learn To Swim:  Various levels of group swimming lessons for beginners to intermediate are offered in a package of six 30-minute sessions for children four years of age and older. Private lessons are also available by appointment. Learn more about the options, dates, times, fees and registration: Fall & Interim or Spring & Summer

  • Level I (Water Exploration) – Water entry and exit, buoyancy, and increasing overall comfort in the water
  • Level II (Primary Skills) – Basic stroke components, buoyancy, and breath control
  • Level III (Stroke Readiness) – Basic stroke development (front crawl, backstroke, and elementary backstroke), treading water, swimming underwater, and floating without a flotation device
  • Level IV (Stroke Development) – Stroke enhancement and endurance (front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, and elementary backstroke), treading water, and refining skills

Is your child under 3 years of age?  Lafayette has partnered with a resident instructor who specializes in survival swimming lessons which teaches infants to self-rescue in the water. Read more.

Lifeguard Training:  Certification classes are offered for people seeking to become lifeguards and for current guards who are due for renewal. Course participants must be at least 15 years old and be capable of passing a prerequisite swim test. Learn more about your options, dates, times, fees and registration:  Fall & Interim or Spring & Summer

Swim Testing for Individuals & Groups

Swim tests may be administered by the down guard or Aquatics Coordinator for children under the age of 12 or anyone who is unable to stand in the lap pool. The Coordinator of Aquatics also schedules and runs swim tests for organizations, such as Lafayette’s water-related sport clubs or for other organized groups wishing to use the swimming pool.  To find out more about the specific test for your activity, please click contact the Aquatics Coordinator.

 Questions? Email aquatics@lafayette.edu

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