• Sample Sports Club Constitution [doc]
    This is a sample constitution for sports clubs based on the suggested structure endorsed by Student Government.
  • Club Rosters
    Students register online at http://www.dosportseasy.com/lafayetteclubs/ to register to be considered a member of a sports clubs. Paper roster forms are not accepted. Sport Club officers should manage the club roster through the site listed above.
  • Event Schedule
    Clubs register online at http://www.dosportseasy.com/lafayetteclubs/ using the Event Center. Only club officers can make submissions. Event results can also be submitted via the Event Center.
  • Fundraising Event Registration Form  [PDF]
    This form must be submitted to Recreation Services before a fundraiser can take place.
  • Sample Coach / Instructor Agreement [PDF]
    This form must be used for either a volunteer or a paid coach.
  • Sports Official Payment Form [PDF]
    This form must be completed and submitted to the office of Student Life Programs in order for the Sports Official to be paid
  • Incident Report Form [PDF]
    This form should be submitted to Recreation Services if an incident occurs during an event. If any medical assistance should be needed, this form is essential.
  • Officer Contact Updates
    New officers should update their own information online at http://www.dosportseasy.com/lafayetteclubs/ immediately to ensure they receive information about their requirements as a club.