All Recreation Services patrons are expected to be responsible, courteous, and safety conscious at all times. Disruptive conduct, abuse of the facility or its equipment, or disregard for policies will not be tolerated.

Broad building and department polices are included here, but each activity area policy is posted in the specific spaces throughout the recreation  facility.

Supervision of Children

Children under the age of 16 may use all facilities (except the fitness center) if they are actively supervised by an adult. NOTE: Active supervision means maintaining visual contact and ensuring a barrier free physical proximity of no more 70 feet. Children are not eligible to sign in guests. [last update 6/30/14]

Private Instruction/Coaching Policy

In all of our recreational facility settings, the act of providing personal individual instruction is restricted to those individuals who have been specifically employed by Lafayette for the purpose of conducting private, semi-private, or group instruction for our patrons. A person who is observed to be conducting, or suspected of conducting, personal instruction or coaching for another person(s) in the recreational facilities may be approached regarding unauthorized individual instruction if any of the following (or related) behaviors are observed:

  • writing or designing a fitness program for another person
  • explaining and providing or demonstrating exercise technique to one or more people
  • meeting with several different people within a given time period
  • collecting or receiving payment from a person
  • assisting a person with spotting, technique, or any specific instruction on consecutive exercises, but not exercising with that individual or on their own

Exceptions exist when a current Lafayette employee requests space and equipment for the purpose of a rehearsal (not compensated), those individuals will be permitted up to 4 hours per semester: Fall (Sept to Dec), Spring (Jan to April), or Summer (May to August). Rehearsal hours must be requested at least 48 hours in advance through the Assistant Director. Requests for equipment and space will be approved based on whether:

  • equipment and space are readily accessible
  • the rehearsal interferes with or competes with department sponsored instruction or program
  • the same or a similar department sponsored instruction or program was canceled due to low enrollment.

If an instance of unauthorized private instruction is discovered, both instructor and student(s) will be required to stop activity and may also be asked to leave the facility.  [last update 6/30/14]

Communication and Personal Electronic Devices Policy

Since the department values the welfare and privacy of its facility patrons and program participants, we have created a policy which limits or prevents the use of electronic devices in certain parts of the facility. The use of any device capable of recording photos or video in all restrooms and locker rooms is prohibited. Additionally, talking on personal electronic devices within the fitness center is prohibited.  [last update 6/18/2014]

Program Policies

Program Cancellation & Withdraw Policy

If a program or services is cancelled by Recreation Services prior to first day of program, participants receive a full refund. If the cancellation occurs after the program begins, and due to reasons beyond our control, then participants receive pro-rated refund.

If a participant withdraws from a program for medical* reasons and prior to the first day of the program, the participant receives a gift certificate worth the full amount paid and with no expiration date. If the withdraw occurs after the program begins, the participant receives pro-rated gift certificate in total value of class and with no expiration date (documentation required)

*If the medical reason would prohibit the participant from engaging in the specific activity in the future, then cash refund will be an exception that is made.

For all other types of participant withdraws prior to first day of program, participant receives 50% money back or a gift certificate worth full amount paid and with no expiration date. After the program begins, participants receive no refund and no gift certification for future participation.

Possible exception: If a participant wishes to withdraw for any reason and provides at least two weeks’ notice before start of class or session a full refund may be given.

In cases where the Recreation Services staff removes a person from a program due to failure to complete a prerequisite, participants will receive a pro-rated refund in the form of a gift-certificate for use with the same program at a later date and with no expiration date.

In all other cases where the Recreation Services staff removes a person from a program for any reason associated with a behavior which violates policy or procedure, participants may not get any form of reimbursement.