Recreation Services hires approximately 25 student supervisors who provide leadership and supervision of programs in several specialty areas.

Recreation Services Supervisor Team

aquatics Aquatics – Matt Malloy ’18 (assistant)
Climbing Wall – Mitch Mandell ’18 (assistant)
fm-staff-sitting Facility – Hamlet Compres ’16 (assistant), Bowden Saunders ‘17 (associate), Aaliyah Shoodeinde ’17 (assistant), and Noah Steinberg ‘17 (associate)
 fa-staff  Fitness Staff – Kamani Cook Christian ’17 (assistant), Kameliya Yordanova ’18 (assistant), and Laura Oh ’16 (assistant)
 intramural-staff  Intramural Staff- Kyle Mayfield ’17 (supervisor), JT Himelrick ’17 (assistant), Christopher Hoeflinger ’17 (assistant), Jacob Luster ’18 (associate),  Aaron Wolfe ’18 (assistant), Rebecca Bender ’18 (assistant), and Philip Krizan ’18 (associate), Andrew Baker ’18 (assistant), Theodore Granbois ’19 (assistant)
 sports-club-staff-funny Sports Clubs- William Baxter ’19 (associate), Iuliia Vasileva ’18 (associate), and Jackie Jacobson ’17 (associate)