New to exercise? Need a new routine? Looking for more stamina or strength?

Individual Fitness programs include Equipment Orientations, Fitness Orientations, Fitness Assessments and Body Fat Testing. Individual Fitness Program Brochure and Registration form (pdf)

Equipment Orientation

Are you new to exercising or just want to learn how to use our exercise equipment correctly? An equipment orientation may be perfect for you.  You will get a brief overview on how to use the cardiovascular and strength training equipment and a recommended exercise regimen just for you.  Recommended for all new fitness center users. Instructional videos are located here for basic set up of Cybex Strength training machines in the fitness center.
Cost: Free – Students only (Employees and others users, please register for a Fitness Orientation)

Fitness Orientation

A more in-depth version of the equipment orientation.  Individuals can seek advice from a personal trainer for a personal workout plan. Program components include cardiovascular exercise, weight training and stretching. In this one hour appointment we will take you thought your new exercise program and make sure your exercise technique is picture perfect.
Cost: Free

Body Fat Testing

Using skin fold calipers, body fat can be measured at various sites on the body. It takes less than 5 minutes.Why? Identifying a baseline measurement and monitoring your progress and the effectiveness of your exercise program can provide incentive and motivation to improve your health.
Cost: $10 for an assessment

Complete registration form only and send form with payment to Room 134C, Kirby Sports Center.

Fitness Assessment

Find out how fit you are compared to others of your age and gender. One of our certified fitness professionals will have you perform a series of tests to gauge your flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, muscular fitness, and body composition.
Cost: $30

To Register for any of these programs:

Complete the Health History Questionnaire (PDF)  and the Individual Fitness Program Brochure and Registration form (pdf).  Return the forms, with payment if needed, to Room 134C