The department employs 20-25 supervisors to manage our facilities & programs, as well as to lead a staff of their peers within six specialty areas.

Applications are only accepted and reviewed from March 1st through March 31st. Interview timeslots will be offered from March 22nd through April 7th.

Student Supervisors are hired in one of six specialty areas: aquatics, intramural sports, fitness, facilities, sports clubs, and indoor rock climbing.  Employees are hired based on existing qualifications and previous experience in our department either as an employee or program participant. These positions are considered leadership positions and employees are treated like paraprofessionals. Position descriptions with estimated time requirements are in the top section of each application form. Please return completed applications to

Available Positions Starting in Fall 2022

Aquatics Supervisors APPLICATION
Assistant Aquatics Supervisor [seeking 1]
Associate Aquatics Supervisor [NO VACANCY]
Head Aquatics Supervisor [no vacancy]
Assistant Climbing Wall Manager Application
Assistant Climbing Wall Manager [no vacancy]
Sports Clubs supervisors Application
Assistant Sports Clubs Supervisor [seeking 1]
Associate Sports Clubs Supervisor [SEEKING 1]
Facility Supervisor Applications
Assistant Facility Supervisor [seeking 3]
Associate Facility Supervisor [seeking 1]
Head Facility Supervisor [no vacancy]
Fitness Supervisor Application
Assistant Fitness Supervisor [seeking 1]
Associate Fitness Supervisor [seeking 1]
Head Fitness Supervisor [no vacancy]
Application for Assistant Intramural Supervisor [seeking 2-3]
Application for Associate Intramural Supervisor [SEEKING 2]
Application for Head Intramural Supervisor [no vacancy]