What is the difference between sport clubs and varsity sports?

There are many differences between varsity athletic teams and sport clubs. Varsity sports are sponsored by the College and funded through the operating budget, NCAA funding, revenue generated through various events, and gifts from generous donors. Sports clubs are not sponsored by the college, but by Student Government in response to student interest and initiative. The primary sources of funding for sports clubs are student activity fees (distributed at the discretion of Student Government), sport club member dues, fundraising activities, and gifts from generous donors. Unlike varsity sports, sport clubs are student-run organizations who decide for themselves their level of competitiveness, whether or not they will hire a coach or instructor, how often they will practice, and if they will continue to exist at all.

What sport club teams do you offer and how do I join one?

Student interest and Student Government determine which clubs exist from year to year. Clubs are listed alphabetically on the Sport Clubs main page. We encourage you to make contact with the club president (just click on the contact name) if you are interested in asking more specific questions about the team’s operation. Some of those answers may be found by reading the team’s constitution. If you are interested in joining, you can do so by clicking where is says, “Want to join a club?” and this will launch your registration. Once you have registered, an officer from the club will officially approve you for participation, and once complete, your updated status will appear on your log in page.

Where do sport clubs meet?

Sport clubs meet, practice, and compete in a variety of locations both on and off campus. Many clubs utilize campus facilities such as the recreational facilities located inside Kirby Sports Center, Fisher Field, Rappolt Field, and Intramural Fields at Newlins Road. Facility usage depends on the nature of the activity and the clubs classification (each club is rated on an index that is based on overall engagement between the members, the club, and the institution).

Are there tryouts for sport club teams?

Sport Clubs are constantly graduating students and looking to pick up new talent. Each club maintains a roster and a few teams do have a tryout, but most do not. Tryout dates and times vary for each team and you should contact the president directly regarding your interest if you can’t find it on the team’s individual web site. Check the Sport Clubs homepage for the list of presidents and the team website links.

Who do sport club teams compete against?

Not all Lafayette sport club compete per se. Those who do, participate in competitions with clubs from other institutions (in many cases as a member of a specific league), and others enter a variety of weekend tournaments. Some simply have recreational play scheduled for several days a week. Certain clubs, such as those which are dance, range from instructional to competitive and they often choose to host performances rather than to compete. Our teams travel throughout the tri-state area and along the mid-Atlantic region for their contests, performances, and excursions. In some cases, sports clubs will fund overnight trips on the weekends or over break periods.

How do they get to games?

The College discourages students from transporting other students in personal vehicles to and from contests due to the personal liability which is transferred to the driver and the vehicle owner in the case of an accident. As a result, some of our sports clubs use their budget to rent cars, minivans, or buses to travel to contests.