How To Enter

Quick ‘n’ Easy Entry

1.  Create an account on IMLeagues (
2.  Choose your sport and use IMLeagues to “Create” or “Join” during the registration period.
3.  If it is a league with a captains’ meeting, all teams must send a representative to the meeting, along with scheduling conflicts and the forfeit deposit.  If it is an event, simply await an email with scheduling information.

Team Sports with Captains’ Meetings

Any group may register a team through IMLeagues.  Event rules will be discussed and distributed at the captains’ meeting. If the captain cannot attend, another team representative should attend on his or her behalf. Team schedules will be distributed by email no later than 48 hours prior to the event start date.  They will also be available, along with standings, on IMLeagues throughout the season.

Individual/Dual Sports and Team Sports without Captains’ Meetings

Any individual who is interested in participating may register by “Creating” a team of one or two players on IMLeagues. Event schedules will be posted in Kamine Gymnasium of the Kirby Sports Center and distributed, along with event rules, by email at least 48 hours prior to the event start date. They will also be available, along with standings, on IMLeauges throughout the duration of the event.

Free Agency

Don’t have a full team? Email and tell us what sport you’d like to play or sign up as a free agent on IMleagues. Sign up at least one week in advance of the deadline. We will add your name(s) to our list and then attempt to form a team.