Supervision of Children & Age Restrictions

Children under the age of 16 may use all recreational facilities (except the fitness center) if they are actively supervised by an adult. NOTE: Active supervision means maintaining visual contact and ensuring a barrier free physical proximity of no more 70 feet. We allow children to use the swimming pool without supervision starting at age 12. All children over the age of 7 may use the climbing wall, but must have a parent or guardian serve as their belayer until they reach age 18.   [last update 6/30/14]

Inclement Weather / Closures

The recreation center follows the College’s opening schedule with weather related delays. Please note that due to the timing of the college’s announcements, it is sometimes necessary to make our decision sooner than 5 am. The recreation normally maintains a reduced/modified schedule during early closings or full closures of the College. Information regarding fluctuations in recreation center hours are communicated via the recreation services web site, push notifications from our mobile app, and on the voice mail at our reception desk phone (610-330-5772).  If conditions change, these resources will be updated to reflect how our facility and programs will be affected.

Locker Rentals 

Lockers are the property of Lafayette College and the Department of Recreation Services. The rental period is from June 1st to May 31st of each year. It is the renter’s responsibility to renew the locker before expiration. The renewal period for rented lockers is April 15th – May 15th.  The following policies apply to all rental lockers:

  • Lockers may not be re-assigned or sublet and rental fees are not refundable.
  • Lost key or lock will result in a $5 replacement charge.
  • Proper care of the locker is the responsibility of the renter. Defacing or damaging the lockers are grounds for withdrawal of locker privileges and the renter may be charged the cost of repair or replacement of the locker.
  • Lafayette College is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items stored inside the lockers.
  • Any expired lockers or those with unauthorized locks will have the contents removed. The confiscated items will be kept for four months and unclaimed items will be donated to charity at the end of this period. Claims must be made in person to a professional staff member, Monday-Friday between the hours of 9:00AM – 5:00PM.
  • Cell phone use of any kind and image capturing devices are not permitted in any Lafayette College Recreation facility locker room or bathroom.
  • Renter agrees to full responsibility of the contents in the rented locker and ensures the items placed in the locker are for recreational purposes and do not pose a threat to the facility or other users of the facility.
  • Lafayette College reserves the right to terminate a locker rental at any time and to check/remove locker items such as unreturned equipment and / or known safety / security issues that may pose a safety or health hazard to the campus community.
  • Violation of any of the above terms may result in the forfeiture of the locker and future rentals.
    [last update 8/10/17]

Private Instruction/Coaching

In all of our recreational facility settings, the act of providing personal individual instruction is restricted to those individuals who have been specifically employed by Lafayette for the purpose of conducting private, semi-private, or group instruction for our patrons. A person who is observed to be conducting, or suspected of conducting, personal instruction or coaching for another person(s) in the recreational facilities may be approached regarding unauthorized individual instruction if any of the following (or related) behaviors are observed:

  • writing or designing a fitness program for another person
  • explaining and providing or demonstrating exercise technique to one or more people
  • meeting with several different people within a given time period
  • collecting or receiving payment from a person
  • assisting a person with spotting, technique, or any specific instruction on consecutive exercises, but not exercising with that individual or on their own

Exceptions exist when a current Lafayette employee requests space and equipment for the purpose of a rehearsal (not compensated), those individuals will be permitted up to 4 hours per semester: Fall (Sept to Dec), Spring (Jan to April), or Summer (May to August). Rehearsal hours must be requested at least 48 hours in advance through the Assistant Director. Requests for equipment and space will be approved based on whether:

  • equipment and space are readily accessible
  • the rehearsal interferes with or competes with department sponsored instruction or program
  • the same or a similar department sponsored instruction or program was canceled due to low enrollment.

If an instance of unauthorized private instruction is discovered, both instructor and student(s) will be required to stop activity and may also be asked to leave the facility.  [last update 6/30/14]

Communication and Personal Electronic Devices

Since the department values the welfare and privacy of its facility patrons and program participants, we have created a policy which limits or prevents the use of electronic devices in certain parts of the facility. The use of any device capable of recording photos or video in all restrooms and locker rooms is prohibited. Additionally, talking on personal electronic devices within the fitness center is prohibited.  [last update 6/18/2014]

Cycling Room Rental

Groups who wish to use the cycling room for their organization’s purposes can do so if the hire one of the department of recreation services instructors or provide proof of their own fully certified instructor. Once a qualified instructor has been secured, the cost associated with using the room will be $7 per class – for those classes scheduled in advance through OR $12 per class for those reserved through less than 7 business days in advance. Charges will be applied based on the dates reserved in the College’s scheduling software and after the last scheduled class in a given semester.  If a class is canceled, the reservation must be changed through and a new confirmation issued.  [last update 7/17/2017]