How to Apply

Apply for an entry-level position by filling out our APPLICATION. Applications are only accepted and reviewed from 10/1 to 10/31 (for spring starts) and 3/1 to 3/31 (for fall starts) March 1st through March 31st or until interview slots are filled. Interview timeslots begin during the last week of October through early November and again in the last week of March through the first week of April. 

Note: Prospective referees for intramural sports can apply at any time. Details below.

Entry-Level Positions: Job Responsibilities

  • Facility Monitor–The facility monitor is responsible for securing the recreation center by screening who enters, distributing equipment, answering a broad range of questions, and serving a key role in response to facility emergencies. [seeking 7-8 to start Fall 2024]
  • ¬†Fitness Assistant–The fitness assistant is responsible for maintaining a safe environment within the fitness center by conducting regular checks of the activity space and equipment, answering questions related to equipment use, and enforcing our exercise safety guidelines. [seeking 3-4 to start Fall 2024]
  • Lifeguard–The primary responsibility of a lifeguard is to ensure patron safety by maintaining a safe and secure environment. American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification and passing a basic rescue skill test are required. [seeking 2-3 to start Fall 2024]
  • Climbing Assistant–The climbing assistant must ensure the safe set-up and operation of the wall by enforcing our safety guidelines and procedures. They must also serve as a climbing facilitator for patrons of a wide variety of skill levels. [seeking 1 to start Fall 2024]
  • Sports Official– Prospective employees will be reviewed and applicants informed about attending a scheduled training session just before the start of each league. We hire sports officials for basketball, football, floor hockey, and soccer. It is expected that applicants will attend the appropriate training sessions. Apply using the link above, within our normal hiring period, or if outside of that timeframe email for information. Applications for a sports official can occur at any time during the academic year. [seeking 10-12 for Spring 2023]