Associate Director
335B Kirby Sports Center
(610) 330-5778

Other Titles

  • Intramural Sports & Sports Clubs Admin

Steve received his M.Ed. from Armstrong State University and his B.A. from Mt. St. Mary’s University. Since then, he has served four years as a Program Coordinator of Intramural Sports, Special Events, and Sport Clubs at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) and a Senior Assistant Director of Intramural and Club Sports at Sam Houston State University.  Steve has embarked on journeys across the world to Europe, Asia, and Latin America, all while gaining a further appreciation and understanding of how culture affects the way in which we see the world. Though Steve’s passion lies in engaging in recreation through sport, he embraces a holistic approach to wellness and has a personal commitment to both fitness and the outdoors.  Lastly, he enjoys nothing more than a few video games, superheroes, and board games with his family. Steve oversees our organized sports programs which include intramural and club sports. His office can be found in room 335B (just off the jogging track) at Kirby Sports Center.