Julianna Carpenetti ’21 – Facility Monitor

Julianna has consistently been a strong member of the Rec Services team since she joined us. She is always willing to sub for shifts, is a frequent taker of weekly quizzes, and is always learning more by attending In-Service training sessions. Her commitment to her job is something all FMs should strive to accomplish and we’re glad to have her on our team.

QUOTE: “Working with Recreation Services has been a very positive aspect of my Lafayette career because I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many new people, improve my leadership skills, and encourage a supportive and healthy environment for the community. I really enjoy working here because the staff does an excellent job of balancing professionalism and fun.”

Nika Cinicola ’20 – Facility Monitor

Nika is a valuable member of our staff. She has always been a consistent substitute, frequently takes the weekly quizzes, and is always willing to help whenever she is able to. Her great attitude and ability to go above and beyond her shift responsibilities helped her to earn this recognition and we’re glad to have her in our department.

QUOTE:  “When I joined Rec Services this year, my goal was to become more involved on campus. Since starting, I have had so many different experiences and opportunities that have built on skills that I use everyday!  I have tons of fun meeting all of the students and staff that use the facilities, even if it’s only for a brief time as they enter or leave the gym.  The staff who work here are amazing and always willing to help out, especially my fellow FMs!  At Rec Services everyone is friendly and hardworking, and it’s an overall positive environment!”

Jordan Allison ’20 – Fitness Assistant

Jordan demonstrates great initiative as a Fitness Assistant. He is on time for every shift, attends many of the department in-services and is dedicated to his own improvement in the position. Jordan has sought opportunities to learn more about his job duties and other procedures and he embodies many of the qualities of our best employees.

QUOTE: “I like being a fitness assistant in Recreation Services because it gives me the opportunity to interact with people positively and enhance their experience. I enjoy forming bonds with the familiar faces that come to work out during my shifts and with my fellow students in Rec Services and I appreciate the opportunity to promote health and well-being for the Lafayette community however I can.”

Jane Brennan ‘20 – Lifeguard

Jane is a valuable member of our staff who has gone above and beyond throughout her years working as a guard. She was nominated for this award multiple times and continues to demonstrate leadership by setting a good example for the other guards.

QUOTE: “I like working at Rec Services because it keeps me connected to the community. We also have a very positive work environment which makes it enjoyable to come in to guard.”